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 – CHARGERS Rowing Club T-Shirt

CHARGERS Rowing Club T-Shirt

$125 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name on a boathouse brick

$250 Boathouse Project Donation

$250.00 –
Your name (small) on a plaque in front of boathouse

$500 Boathouse Project Donation

Your own CHARGERS oar blade

$1000 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name on a rack in the new boathouse

$2500 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name (large) on plaque in front of boathouse

$5000 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name on an oar rack for the new boathouse

$10,000 Boathouse Project Donation

$10,000.00 –

Your name on a launch

$25,000 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name on boat bay

$250,000 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name (shared) on the boathouse

$500,000 Boathouse Project Donation

Your name on the boathouse

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Any Amount
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Learn more about the Boathouse Project

The CHARGERS are in desperate need of expanded facilities and, as a result, it intends to build a boathouse to house our expanding program and equipment.

Simply put, we are currently bursting at the seams of our existing facilities. From spring through fall, over 100 athletes utilize our facility on a daily basis. Many of our rowers are the youth of our community. Studies indicate, high school rowing (by far) yields the best chances for college scholarships. We’ve seen this first hand with 100’s of our CHARGERS student-athletes receiving scholarships over the years! In addition to the growth of youth and high school rowing, our adult programs have experienced similar growth. What once began as only a learn-to-row program for adults has grown to multiple adult recreational programs, men’s and women’s competitive programs and, most recently, a corporate rowing program.

CHARGERS Boathouse Project

Over the years, the CHARGERS have also hosted the US Rowing Club National Championships. These four-day events brought national attention-as well as travelers and their dollars to the Onondaga County community. The ’97 event alone drew approximately 10,000 spectators to the area. US Rowing, the governing body of rowing in this country, has asked our club to submit bids for similar regattas. In other New York State rowing cities, rowing has brought millions of extra dollars to the community. The CHARGERS vision has been focused on re-invigorating these regattas and other economic development opportunities.

CHARGERS Boathouse Aerial Plan

Once a boathouse is built, the CHARGERS will be able to bring these large national regattas back to the area. Anyone interested in supporting the CHARGERS vision, please see above for donate levels. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Are you on the list? Please check out our list of donors as of January 1, 2016:

Boat Bay Level Donors ($25,000 or more)

Launch Level Donors ($10,000-$24,999)

Oar Rack Level Donors ($5,000-$9,999)
Gambino Family Fund
In Memory of Peg Harrigan
Lee, Daniel & Suzanne
Peter, Joseph
Purdy, Bill
Sansoucy, Paul

Large Name on Plaque Level Donors ($2,500-$4,999)
Dancks, Georgia & John
Hathaway, Lyn
Konys Family
Reitz, Marc

Boat Rack Level Donors ($1,000-$2,499)
Bates, Liz
The Berical Family
Bradshaw, Deborah
Cygnus Management Foundation Inc.
D’Eredita, Michael
Garofalo, Kathleen
Grant, Nancy
Gruenberg, Jennifer
In Honor of Coach Joseph J Bufano
In Honor of Lyn Hathaway
Julian, Marjorie
Markert Jr. Leonard
Mignano, Michelle
Roock, Dan
Scalione, Jennifer & Robert
Vriesendorp, Francine & Huib

Oar Blade Level Donors ($500-$999)
Devendorf, Darlene & David
Dunstone, Robert
Geihe, Wolfgang
Georgianna, Laura
Georgianna, Peter
Hausladen, Michael & Stephanie
Milburn, Kristen & Craig
In Honor of Jennifer Scalione

Small Name on Plaque Level Donors ($250-$499)
Allison Yoest & Emily Baxter: Class of 2005
Dancks, Georgia & John
Devendorf, Darlene
Eastman, Tanya
Garofalo, Nicole
Handzel, Richard & Doris
Harrigan, Peg
In Honor of Joseph J Bufano
In Memory of Joey Peter
Karns, Krista
Kochan, Joseph
Marsella-Lewenberg, Catherine
Liverpool High School Class of 1990
Marhardy, Pat
McGillis, Katrina
Morris, Anthony
Mueller, Sandra
Pesot, Jeffrey
Purdy, Bill
Riley, Becky
Shapero, Sarah
Silverman, Josh
Spies, David
Spranger, Amy
The Livingston Family
The Sarmast Family
Van Maarseveen, Chari
Vasiliou, Chris (Chris Bury ’74)
Vertigan, Mary

Brick Level Donors/Bricks ($125-$249)
Bates, Liz
The Double – Annie & Liz
Bernhardt, David
Budmen, Catherine
Bufano, Joe
Bufano/Strub Wedding 8/9/2014
Coach Wilson
Craig, Lisa
Dancks, Georgia
Dancks, John
DeForest, Dallas
Doherty, Mary
Dudzick, Paul
Ellsworth, Patricia
Kirk & Betty Kirkpatrick
Enck, Nicole
Fuleihan, Julia
Nate Hill
Gannon’s Ice Cream
Garofalo Family
Garofalo, Nicole
Grant, Nancy
Handzel, Michele
Hathaway, Colleen
Heineken, Pepper and Mulligan Hathaway
Hathaway, Joy
Hathaway, Lyn
Hathaway, Lyn – To My Posse
Hathaway, Trevor
Holmes, Kimberly
In Honor of Leonard Markert Jr
In Memory of Mark Birch
In Memory of Dick Watkins
Krauss, Beth
Kretschmer, Cara
Lake Merritt Rowing Club
Laszlo, Larry
Lentz, Abbe
Mahnken, Greg
Menacho, Carlos
Miller, Seana
Onondaga Lake Park
Ornstein, Kirk
Palmieri, Walter
Perkins, Linda
Pickard, Gary
Premo, Jason
Rawlings, Megan
Reynolds, Joseph
Scalione, Jennifer
Schneckenburger, Jonathan & Jessica
The McCarthy Famiily
The Wilson Family
Greg and Lori Tyler
Vertigan, Mary
Winfield, Adrienne